Dear Fall Out Boy fans,

Stop asking about Ashlee Simpson.

Apparently, Patrick at the last meet & greet had to jump out of security to ask who in line asked Pete where she was. It was the second time that day a fan asked and Patrick took a stand.

It’s not easy to make Patrick upset so obviously they’re not happy about the topic of her being brought up.

They’ve both moved on with other people, get over it.






there’s a friend viewer on the site but literally no option to add any friends what the fuck

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If you’re a hustler member please add me I’m so lonely my username is hometownheroes and I’d love to be your friend PLEASE

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lmao I’m officially a “hustler” I’m gonna go down with this band 

hellobrooklyns replied to your post: piercethesecondsofmen: WTTBP!! Really …

they were literally all over the place though: ads were everywhere and hmv has this huge poster for them and their was this entire stand dedicated to them wow

they’re becoming so popular so quickly oh my god

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piercethesecondsofmen: WTTBP!! Really happy because I adore the album and only got for it for $5

hellobrooklyns: same omg I had to text my friend to ask her opinion about which colour I should get

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